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Product Description

Ludwig is an independent, bootstrapped, Italy-based company. After 8 years in the business and 140 million users (since launch), they’re still a bunch of friends running an independent tech company with a mission: build tools that make people more powerful and confident.

What is Ludwig?

Ludwig Guru is an online language tool designed to assist users with writing in English. It provides grammar and vocabulary suggestions to help improve the quality of your writing. You can check your sentences, paragraphs, or entire texts for errors and receive suggestions for improvement.


Improving Your Writing Has Never Been Easier!

  • Ludwig’s sentence search engine helps 3 million users every month find the right words to express their ideas.

Get to Know the Snippet

  • When you search for a phrase on this tool, it will show you several sentences as results. For ease of consultation, each sentence is boxed within a snippet that offers you a number of interactions: Listen, save, expand and share.
  • Click on the name of the source and in one second you will be redirected to the entire text.


  • Find the Perfectn Turn of Words
    Rephrase any text in a variety of ways. Enter your text and our AI will astonish you with a number of different paraphrase options to choose from.
  • Find the Right Expression for All Situations
    Comes with 5 different tones (Standard, Shortened, Expanded, Formal, Casual) to help you find the right expression for all situations.


  • Unlike other services, you’re not only getting a machine translation, but an additional AI feedback, plus plenty of real english examples to double check if the translation makes sense in real English or it’s too literal to make sense.


  • Customize your Ludwig, with Library
    Ludwig is the only writing tool that allows you to upload your English sources and shape its results according to your writing needs.
  • Add Your Favorite English Sources
    Add all the content you need to be a better writer (scientific papers, documents, emails, and much more). Import your PDFs or just paste plain text.
  • Use the Search Filter to Customize Ludwig’s Results
    The search filter gives you full flexibility on the customization of your search experience, ensuring that only the most relevant sources are displayed in your search results.
Ludwig guru

Why should you use Ludwig?

Ludwig allows you to express your ideas perfectly in English. It harnesses a remarkable combination of AI technology and the reliability of leading human-written sources. With this tool, you can easily discover the perfect words to speak your mind, ensuring that your writing is impeccable.

Who should use Ludwig?


  • If you’re a student struggling with complex subjects like science or engineering, then this tool is a valuable resource. When faced with unfamiliar long words, it not only provides definitions, but also introduces many practical examples, allowing you to effectively grasp their contextual usage.

Educational Organization

  • It offers a comprehensive plan specifically designed for educational institutions, allowing all students to integrate seamlessly. Renowned universities, including Stanford University, Harvard University, the University of Oxford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have accepted the plan.
  • By incorporating into their curriculum, these institutions empower their students with enhanced language skills and a deeper understanding of English.

Anyone learning English

  • It proves to be invaluable to individuals who are in the process of learning English. If you have difficulty understanding specific words or phrases, this tool will reliably assist you.

Why doesn’t Ludwig translate other languages besides English?

  • This tool only focuses on writing in English. Maybe in the future they will start working with other languages and let you know!

In conclusion, is the ideal language tool for individuals seeking assistance in writing articles, dissertations, and scientific reports in English. Embracing as a part of your writing process will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your work, enabling you to effectively communicate your ideas in the English language.

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